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Meet Jill Tattersall – Mixed media artist

I’m Jill Tattersall, a Brighton-based mixed media artist.

To me art is much more than an indulgence, a pleasure or a hobby. It’s the stuff of life, a compulsion, a major reason for living. I’ve shown and sold my work all over Britain and further afield, recently becoming part of the Brighton Festival, renowned for its creative arts focus and popular Open House events.

It’s a joyous way to make a living, and I like to think the pleasure, experiment and sense of adventure involved in the creative process show through in every piece of work I make. Hard work though….

A lifetime’s passion for colour and texture

Large Alhabet  piece: paint print and collage
Large Alphabet piece: paint print and collage

I live with and through colour, blending the abstract and figurative to make dreamlike, vivid images and patterns of the fascinating world around me, whether it’s a landscape, town scene, still life, piece of reality or something born wholly of my imagination.

I use paints, inks, dyes and pure pigments to build up subtle, intense, glowing tones, often using my own hand-cast cotton paper. I constantly experiment with materials and techniques, combining exciting reclaimed, recycled or found objects with pure pigments and precious gold and silver leaf.

Tree of Life
Tree of Life

The life of an artist revealed – Visit my Facebook pages.

You can find out more about me and my work on my Facebook pages, via the links below and through this site. You can also sign up to receive our Wolf at the Door newsletter which gives updates of events and exhibitions.

Buy original art

I work from my Hove studio, The Wolf at the Door, where I generate a constant stream of new pieces for enthusiasts and customers to explore and enjoy. If you’d like to commission, buy, rent, test-hang, exhibit, discuss or view my art in person, I’ll be delighted to meet you. Please feel free to contact me.

Brighton glimpses: beach huts.
Brighton glimpses: beach huts.

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