Update no.3: Respected Sir

Testimonial to my great-great-grandfather-in-law

Respected Sir

Early this year we moved some tin trunks containing family archives from Oxford to Brighton. One contained a testimonial dedicated to Tim’s great-great-grandfather on his retirement from the South Indian Railways in 1880.

This was an eloquent tribute in which his co-workers (and no doubt subordinates) express their respect and describe how they have ‘grown grey’ in his service. I was touched by this piece of family history and the heartfelt wordiness of the document. Hence the piece, which uses some of the text, plus inks, dyes and earth pigments from India brought back for me by my late and dear friend Jessica. The hand-made paper was formed over old fax rolls (oh the tricks of the trade…).

We later found a portrait of the old geezer himself, who has the most magnificent whiskers. This piece is going on display at the open exhibition at the Cork St Gallery in Mayfair, August 23-31. Do come!