Art in a Gazebo – at Sussex Prairies

Unusual Plant and Art Fair. This wonderful event was held on Sunday at the fabulous Sussex Prairies, a garden started only five-ish years ago by Paul and Pauline McBride on inherited farmland.

It’s a mass of colour and shape and form: swirling drifts and blocks and mass plantings with little paths cutting through the concentric circles of the borders. At this time of year the paths are secret and semi-hidden which adds to the mystery and sense of discovery.

As to the plants and art, the plants were numerous and choice. A bit less art, and I don’t know how unusual it was (in my case) but it’s the first time I’ve showed art in a mini gazebo (as opposed to a large marquee). It didn’t rain heavily, just a mizzle in the morning, and there were thousands of punters. They weren’t in an art-buying mood, it has to be said, but it was a very enjoyable experience.

Other Wolf at the Door exhibitors were showing there, including Si Uwins and Alex Moore. And I have been invited to have work on display next season in the new garden room at Sussex Prairies – which leads to new thoughts of botanically-inspired work….