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Wolf at the Door sculpture (at Jill's studio)

Wolf at the Door sculpture (at Jill’s studio)

I’m happy to show my work by appointment at my studio here at The Wolf at the Door. Do visit if you’re interested; there’s no pressure to buy.

My work at present sells, roughly speaking, for amounts between £75 and £1200, depending on size, complexity and materials. It’s impractical to post a fixed price on the website as advertised prices in different environments can vary according to the commission taken by galleries and online sellers.

The Wolf at the Door is also open for specific events when, as well as showing my own work, I invite other artists to join me. Email me to register for the Wolf newsletter, which appears at irregular but fairly frequent intervals. Here is a link to the most recent one (April/May 2014):

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p: 01273 700425