Jill Tattersall – Mixed media artist, York

Open Studios

Jill’s work at the Wolf at the Door, 2017

I’m Jill Tattersall,  a mixed media artist formerly based in Brighton, UK, now in York.

To me art is much more than a pleasure or a hobby.  It’s the stuff of  life, a compulsion, a major reason for getting up in the morning.  For the last twenty years or so I’ve shown and sold my work all over Britain and far beyond.  I regularly took part in the Brighton Festival, renowned for its Open House events; last April I opened my doors for the first time as part of the inspiring York Open Studios. I have featured in many solo and group exhibitions.

It’s a challenging way to make a living; I hope the pleasure, experiment and sense of adventure involved in the film creative process show through in the work I make.

Colour, texture, patterns

Tree at Night, mixed media

Tree, Starlight (sold).  It shows the much-loved, much-lamented Sycamore Gap

I work with and through colour, blending  abstract and figurative to make dreamlike, vivid images and patterns of the world around me.

Where do my ideas come from? Science is constantly giving us insights about the forces that created us and our universe.  They combine and interact to form patterns on every scale and in every aspect of our existence.  We’re made of patterns, we see them everywhere. And from earliest times, compulsively, people have woven them back into their own environment. I’m one of those innumerable people, trying to find my own way.

I use paints, inks, dyes and pure pigments in an attempt to build up subtle, intense, glowing tones. I often work on my own hand-made cotton paper. I’m constantly experimenting with materials and techniques, combining reclaimed, recycled or found objects with pure pigments and precious gold and silver leaf.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life (sold)

Life as an artist  – do visit my  Jill  and Wolf Facebook pages.

You can find out more about me and my work on my Facebook pages, via Instagram and through this site. You can also sign up to receive my Wolf at the Door newsletter which gives updates of  exhibitions as well as sundry other curious and delightful events.

Buy original art

I work from my studio, The Wolf at the Door.  Here I  puzzle over and create  new pieces for others  to explore and (I hope) enjoy. You can’t get the full impact of colour, texture and detail from photos – it’s better to see the real thing if you can.  You may not be able to get here or to my exhibitions.  But should you choose a piece on the basis of photos,  you have the option of returning it.
That said, I’ve sold hundreds of paintings and never had one return! If you’d like to commission, buy, rent, test-hang, exhibit, discuss or view my art in person, I’ll be delighted to meet you. Please feel free to contact me.

Painting of Cuckmere Haven

Evening, Haven (sold)




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