Monthly Archives: May 2007

Wet weather, sculpture and frocks

Weather too wet to make paper or do work on outdoor pieces. No alternative but to start clearing up my studio, a shambles after getting ready for ‘Tree of Life’, the current exhibition. Excellent distraction on Saturday: our friends Roger and Carole Lee launched their terrific joint show at the Willoughby Gallery, Corby Glen, with metal sculptures and frocks – have a look at Gallery is a gem and well worth a visit – picturesque old building, immaculately kept, once a school for the sons of deceased clergy.

Willoughby gallery

‘Tree of Life’ at the Ropewalk

This old ropeworks-turned-gallery virtually overlooks the Humber Bridge, with sweeping views of the estuary. People ramble and walk their dogs nearby as well as looking at classy art and craft in the gallery. A lovely place, with a good cafe serving delicious organic/ local food and drink.

My current exhibition consists of hand-cast paper loaded with colour-washes and pigments, work made out of recycled materials, and a few outdoor pieces for the beautifully designed new garden.

I really like this place and it’s well worth a visit.

Tree of Life

‘Tree of Life (Philogenetic Tree)’, above – done for the show – has been sold. It used natural pigments, acrylics and wax and depicted microscopic images from the hierarchy of living organisms.