An exquisite corpse beckons…

Or threatens, more like! My next headache, could be nightmare, is to make a torso on a 20″ square piece of MDF.
Why? Well, two other Lincolnshire artists and I are doing a show in the autumn using assembled materials (bits and pieces) rather than just paint. In a mad moment we agreed to do a collaborative centrepiece, an exquisite corpse.
We’re talking about a pictorial game of consequences, or the one where each person draws part of a body, covers it up and passes it on… and you end up with a freak. Each of us picked a body section out of a hat, plus three words intended to ‘inform’ the piece – ‘sabotage’ might be a better term. And the words were:
transform…uncouth…omasum (don’t even ask).
I can’t say anything about how I mean to go about it as my fellow-artists are supposed to be in the dark (which makes three of us). The exquisite corpse was a favourite game of the surrealists, who gave it the name. So, instead of a clue, here is a picture of… my peas.
Magnum Bonum