Monthly Archives: September 2007

The Corpse’s Torso

Exquisite corpse torso

Three Lincolnshire artists met in a shed this weekend. What they did can’t yet be revealed in its totality, but this image is part of it! It had to be done well in advance of the exhibition it’ll figure in (no pun intended) so that advance publicity can be put in hand by Graham at Forge Arts.

A bit of a punt, but all three of us seemed to feel the finished piece worked, in some mysterious and completely bonkers way. It remains to be seen what anyone else thinks.

Getting the corpse together should make it easier to focus in on the new work that needs to be done in time for the show, as well as this year’s Lincolnshire Art on the Map (Open Studios), which will be upon me before I know it. Luckily I’ve work in hand as I knew I’d be distracted by other aspects of life over the summer. (Sadly we’re not talking this year about barbecues, long sunlit evenings, wine in the garden… if only!) As with writing, it’s always difficult to resume when you’ve more or less come to a full stop. But there are usually ideas simmering away quietly in the background.