Ups and Downs

I suppose if I celebrate the ups in my everyday life as an artist it’s only fair to record the setbacks. I’ve just been turned down for membership of Axis, the ‘online directory and resource’ for contemporary artists, but they don’t tell you why…. As I’ve been a practising artist for some years, regularly doing solo exhibitions by invitation, and constantly experimenting and innovating rather than sticking to safe territory, I guess there’s not much more I can do to be a ‘contemporary artist’. Still, I continue to make and sell work: here’s a farewell to ‘A Crying for Wine’, finished last autumn, which has just been sold at the Ropewalk Gallery, one of the nicest possible places to exhibit.

A Crying for Wine (sold)

And there are lots of practical, real-life projects in the offing. Generating and exchanging ideas, creating and exhibiting work, workshops, commissions, working with adults and children…. And, of course, all of the administrative stuff – time to hunt out some new opportunities!