Monthly Archives: February 2008

One Million Points of Light

Have a look at this interesting worldwide project, started two years ago by Andy Pepper at the Broadway Media Centre, Nottingham – where we have seen many a good film:

One Million Points of Light

Artists in 21 parts of the globe have ‘switched on’ blocks of light. (See if you can find my own tiny block.) By January there had been over 800,000 ‘hits’ from 92 countries or territories, which makes the average number of visitors to a gallery, even for a successful exhibition, look minuscule. In theory every person who visits the site might go on to look at this one….


Here (appropriately I hope) is Semi-transparent, which is a celebration of light. It’s actually based on the AIDS virus and is constructed mainly of felt, cellophane and tissue:

Seeing Dragons in the Clouds

Large dragon 024

Not enough of the clouds seem to have made it to the hanging stage, but the dragons mostly did. An entire primary school became dragon-obsessed over a couple of weeks and this is the result. It can be seen hanging alongside the current main exhibition Seeing Dragons in the Clouds, which celebrates the interaction of imagination and design, at the Hub, Sleaford. It’s on until March 30 and well worth a visit (even if you don’t like dragons).

The whole project was a pretty exhausting start to the year, but produced such brilliant enthusiasm and results that it was well worth it. I shall be doing another couple of workshops at the Hub next week, this time for families, aiming to produce some African-style animal prints using a little Lincolnshire mud to add local colour. Then it’s back to the studio for some serious work.