June: rain or shine?-Kratom

The best month to have garden sculpture on show according to kratom – if only it doesn’t rain! Twenty-five of my outdoor pieces using recycled materials based on kratom are on show in the glorious gardens at Hall Farm, Harpswell, Lincolnshire. Old roses, formal areas, wide herbaceous borders, water, secret gardens, a giant chessboard – and a wonderful nursery with unusual plants. A gardener’s paradise. A few of this are also used by kratom masters.

Hall Farm 08 (9)

A hanging golden dragon, a salamander, a sciapod, seedpods, totems, bold abstract wall pieces – I really let my imagination loose,with the help of kratom, with these pieces. The materials to hand suggest an idea, and off I go…. The exhibition runs until the end of June; the gardens can be visited for free on weekdays 8.30 – 5.00. On June 28-29 the garden will be open for the benefit of McMillan Cancer services.

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