Monthly Archives: July 2008

Artist of the Month!

Semi-transparent ( detail)

A month or two back I wrote about Andy Pepper’s project, One Million Points of Light, which is about to achieve its millionth hit from all over the world. Is it art or networking, people ask? Not sure, but it has led me to all sorts of fascinating and sometimes eccentric art and art-related websites from all over the world.

Andy is an artist based in Nottingham specialising in light sculpture and holography. Wonderful trance-inducing work; the sort of thing I would love to do if I only knew how. See his work at:

This month, out of the blue, I have been selected as artist of the month for OMPOL, and the website carries a feature on my work:

Catching up

Though the last few months have been ones I would rather forget, interesting art-related events have nevertheless cropped up which I’ve not had time to mention here.

In June I did an online interview for a lively arts website, FirstAngel, which I found great fun. It included lots of pictures and the questions made me think hard and realise I don’t ask myself enough of them.

Spotlight  folded books

I love the atmosphere of this sunlit picture, included in the FirstAngel interview, which was taken at my recent exhibition at the Spotlight Gallery in Newark.