Monthly Archives: June 2009

Seeds of Change…

Seeds of change crop

…this is the title of the exhibition that has just opened at the Carre Gallery, Sleaford, with work from John Lincoln, Steve Leaning and me (on till 20 June). It could have been called ‘water under the bridge’ judging by the time elapsed since my last post.

In that time I’ve opened my studio for the last time here in Lincolnshire – two weekends in April – sold some pictures, started and completed a commission, prepared for the forthcoming exhibition – and (all being well) – sold and bought a house. There’s many a slip…. But if all goes well my next studio opening will be Open Houses in Brighton/Hove.

I’ll also have a last fling at a two-week Art on the Map show at Stamford Art Centre in July, during which time we are set to up sticks and move. It has been an impossibly busy time and it’ll seem a miracle if everything works out ok!

Carre gallery Seeds of Change