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The Way We Live Now

The Way We Live Now The Way We Live Now

So, no new post for ages. Reasons? Plenty! A broken ankle that won’t mend (Tim) a traumatic house move (removal men didn’t turn up), a wrecked back (me) not unconnected with both events. So some anguish and not much art.

However we and The Wolf at the Door are now installed, with new workshop and gallery space. I hope to make up for lost time with shows, workshops and paintings galore. Plus regular updates here on what’s going on.

Here’s a little project for our times. For the next three or four week I’m going to try and post an image a day, taken from The Way We Live Now, a banner nearly 6’x4′ I made roughly eight years ago and have hardly exhibited. I’ll explain how and why it was made as we go along. Each square contains a news topic of the day with its buzzwords, cliches and phrases: a litany of the disastrous and dreary.

The title came from the wonderful novel by Anthony Trollope about speculation, greed, opportunism, cynicism, credit bubbles, bankers, Ponzi schemes… Why isn’t it on telly right now?

The current flood of crises, deficits, redundancies, plagues, scourges, swindles (etc) deepens and widens. A new Age of Anxiety really hard to live with even if you’re lucky enough to survive it. (Will we?) And it doesn’t seem long since last time. Now I’m mulling over and beginning an updated Way We Live Now for 2011 – not absolutely sure what form it’ll take….