The way We Live Now: Terrorism

The Way, Terrorism

Quite a lot has happened since 2003 but airline travel routines have changed irreversibly, we take little for granted, and every time there is a natural disaster we feverishly ask ourselves if this could be a targeted attack.

Attitudes to the niqab have hardened on both sides. Own goals abound, the Arab-Israeli conflict seems much as it was.

There must be things to celebrate: in the end, the UK is a lot less racist a society than many; we coexist fairly happily, we have an ever-richer social mix. These may be the only riches for years to come so let’s celebrate them!

Sorry, this has now become one of the most boring squares! It was once vibrant, colourful: now it’s faded and you can’t see the detail. If it’s become a little dreary maybe that’s a really good sign!