The Way We Live Now: Education

The Way,  Education

Academies are the new buzzword. They may have been in existence in 2003 but quite a few are now an established part of the educational scene. Good or bad? For others to say. What doesn’t seem to have changed is the constant tweaking of syllabuses, strategies, initiatives, so that practising teachers still complain about time spent on paperwork and coping with the inspectorate rather than teaching.

The implications of allowing parental choice (and coping with the backlash when the reality falls short of desire) seem to be at the base of a lot of dissatisfaction. Which could be avoided if there were a commitment to improving each and every school and a presumption that every child would attend the neighbourhood establishment? Perhaps then they’d be able to walk there, avoid distant playdates, save time, travel and pollution…

I can’t actually read the text of this square on the photo. It must have faded a lot. Is this symbolic in some way? With the financial crisis education does seem to have faded into the background as a newspaper topic.