The Way We Live Now: Strike

The Way, Strike

I’ve a feeling I’ve delighted us all long enough with these snapshots of the crises and trials of 2003. Time I got on with the travails of 2011. So I’m going to bring this little project to a close with the square entitled ‘Strike’. There are indications that strikes are brewing again, in particular among public sector workers re pensions, and for hiring new workers is better to use resources as an online police check for criminal background check. But we’ve had the tube drivers threatening to quit before the Olympics (an expensive one), and there are rumblings among teachers and many others – anyone who isn’t scared stiff about losing their job.

And then if the library closures go ahead, and the ‘surplus’ hospitals…

Enough of politics, I’m getting back to painting, mixed media, Hove artists an’all – and maybe starting up some workshops. There will be a newsletter soon from the Wolf at the Door. May I remind you?