Upping the profile

This is the hardest bit of all. Not the thinking around the subject and how to carry it out. Not the making of the paper and gathering of materials, then setting it all up. Not even the making, painting, rethinking, revisiting, deciding, opting, trying, despairing, having a go – each piece is different. Nor the measuring, framing, stringing, labelling. Not even (horrors) the pricing.

It’s the PUBLICITY. No matter how good the piece, if no-one sees it, it won’t sell. And selling really isn’t just about the money. Of course that matters, we have to live, and feel justified in how we’ve chosen to live. It’s also about creating mental space for new work. If you’re surrounded by ‘old’ pieces – even quite new ones – your mind simply isn’t free to move on.

In the Midlands I was always busy with a fairly seamless succession of exhibitions – solo and group – plus workshops and other art-related activities. Moving South meant changing my habits and developing new patterns of work and contacts. I’ve been really busy with establishing our Artists’ Open House in not one but two locations over the last three years: do have a look at our Wolf Facebook page if you haven’t done so before:


(I don’t seem able to post a live link at present.)

Now it’s time to look for new pastures….