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'Dress' in hand-cast cotton paper

Hot off the press!

As it happens there is some printing on this little red dress made with hand-cast cotton paper: a sort of fantastical abstract bird shape and some small rings in orange, plus some tiny blue flower-like shapes. The red colour, however, is built up with numerous washes of different colours. The paper, having an irregular surface, takes up the colours in an interesting and slightly unpredictable way. It’s important to know when to stop – otherwise you get something like the traditional mud colour found in children’s paint pots at the end of a session.

Much of my time has been spent recently taking stock of things as a result of signing up for an online course with Kathryn Roberts. This dynamic and charming lady runs the Cork St Open Exhibition, among many other things. She brings an astute and educated (American) eye to the muddled professional life and practice of many an artist. A breath of fresh air, but SUCH HARD WORK!

The upside has been visits to the Affordable Art Fair in both Battersea and Hampstead last month. And lots of help and moral support.