Thoughts of winter

Paving-stones in winter

Just completed in time for the first snow. I planned this piece and prepared the support, i.e. made the paper, some time ago. This was an image that caught my eye in January, when the damp-enhanced colours of the paving-stones shone through a light dusting of snow which had fallen overnight and settled in places.

I really am not much the wiser, after fifteen years or so of seriously and serially making art pieces, about what ‘art’ is. Or what if anything I can contribute. It’s not just about beauty, or shock value, upsetting preconceptions, arousing recognition, making decor, providing metaphors, whatever the current fad or fashion is.

Lots of things will drive me to make or plan to make a piece. It can be a while before I get round to it – ideas ripen at a different rate and I do take photos to remind me later. There’s usually something extra-intense about the scene or moment or idea. Lots of elements come together to make (now this is really pretentious but I did study French literature!) what Sartre called ‘un moment parfait’. Something to do with a (fleeting) sense of enhanced perception.

Of course the end result is usually entirely different!