Artists’ Open House

Better late than never. It was touch and go whether we’d be ready in time for Artists’ Open House – we had to send the builders away for the month and are still on student cookery mode in my studio.

The upside is a wonderful if temporary gallery space to display work!

Last weekend of the Brighton Festival coming up and we expect lots of visitors over the three days. We’ve probably already exceeded the 2000 mark. Fourteen artists: glass, ceramics, wood and metal sculpture, books, jewellery as well as prints and paintings. Honestly our best show yet.

Then it’s one day breathing space and off I go to hang work at Sussex Prairies: the new and vast Garden Room in the middle of these lovely gardens. Real painter’s gardens with swirls and drifts and blocks of planting with secret paths winding through. The exhibition will stay there all season with (I hope) regular additions and alterations.

And also, all being well, the Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead in mid-June. I can hardly think that far in advance at the moment. It might be melt-down after that.