Monthly Archives: August 2013

Missed the boat? Took the train!

It’s been a year of accidents (most recently one involving boiling water and me) and we’ve been much taken up with building works. As a result I’ve missed a few boats (deadlines for exhibition submissions, choice exhibitions, applying for things…). Also I haven’t found time yet to update this website and fix various glitsches – soon, I hope.

But I have caught a train or two. Most literally, a Southern Train – see the brand new piece above, not framed or priced yet. It’s quite a big beast, 2’x4′. I was struck by the complex reflections in the windows of the train I was about to board. Another train was on the opposite platform and you could see it and distorted architectural details of the station. I adore stations!

My solo exhibition at Sussex Prairies is still on. There is a Glyndebourne-style picnic there on 22 August with music by The House of Hats, with artists and sculptors with work on display also in attendance. Tickets available via their website. Also their annual Rare Plant and Art Sale on 1 September when the gardens will be at their peak with giant swirls and drifts of colour.

I have a fair bit of new work in the pipeline. The fine weather and new terrace have provided excellent conditions for making large sheets of paper! The cat has had a glorious time licking water from the paper bucket and lying on the paper as it dries.