Happy New Year

Winter sky - detail

Winter sky – detail

Look into the Night Sky! New Year brings the need to ponder on life and time. Warmest wishes for your very own individual tranche of it.

I haven’t updated this blog very often this year because of technical problems that were beyond me to resolve. In particular I couldn’t place any live links here. It was a difficult year personally. I hadn’t the time to follow up.

Hence I’ve tended to use my two Facebook pages for regular updates, the JT artist and the Wolf at the Door pages. If you click on these links you should immediately get an idea of what’s happening on my art, life and gallery fronts. (Despite everything I have shown work at some excellent shows with a very good gallery.) I’ll have a final go to post the Facebook links below.

Upshot: my https://www.facebook.com/JillTattersallartist will not appear live here whatever I do, but you can paste in this link or get to it via the live Wolf at the Door Facebook link below.

And now, dear friends (New Year’s Resolution coming up) I will enlist proper technical help and support to update, overhaul and renew this website!