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Affordable Art in London

AAF, Nicholas Bowlby standdd

The great thing about doing an art fair with a gallery is that apart from making, labelling and perhaps packing the work you don’t have to do a thing.

After running gallery/open house type events this is such a relief. Even if you don’t send out a single invite people still come. No cooking or bottle-washing either, let alone transporting, hanging, labelling, invigilating, admin, publicity, private view and heaven knows what. Not to mention clleaning the loo.

If you look hard you can see my Universal Origins, Near Seven Sisters and Cliftonville Tea-Gown.Work was being regularly moved around and rehung.

Mind you, one pays a hefty commission. But I’m inclined to think it’s worth every penny. I haven’t had the feedback yet from the Affordable Art Fair though….


The trials of an artist


When people see a finished picture I guess they feel (if they think about it at all) that the artist had an idea, got together the materials and then made the piece – maybe with some hitches here and there.

The reality in my case, is this. The cat in my life is determined at every stage to make the proto-picture hers. No matter how damp, uncomfortable or precarious, she bides her time looking for an opportunity to get on there and have a good roll. Next, it’s time to do her toilette. Paw-imprints, hair, mud, unsavoury bits of debris – they all get on there unless I’m really vigilant. Wet paint – no bother. Framing – bring it on.

Here are some more pictures: the car biding her time, the prowling, the evidence.

Waiting for an opportunity

Waiting for an opportunity

getting closer

getting closer


The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, opens today.

gown-shaped art piece

chic gown for the wall

Time for another belated catch-up.

The sun is shining, the builders have gone (for now) and I have reclaimed my studio. More about all this soon. For now, this is a reminder I’m still functioning and some of my new work is on show this week at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea.

I have recently hung lots more new work here at the Wolf at the Door and am happy to show it by appointment to anyone interested.

There is lots more information about all this on my public Facebook Artist page. Do have a look, and ‘like’ the page (if you do like it!) I shall post all the relevant links below in the hope I can get them to show as live links. This was one of the problems that discouraged me from posting on here but I hope this site (and I) will be a lot livelier soon.

Cliftonville gown detail

Cliftonville gown detail

Cliftonville detail (2)

Cliftonville detail