The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, opens today.

gown-shaped art piece

chic gown for the wall

Time for another belated catch-up.

The sun is shining, the builders have gone (for now) and I have reclaimed my studio. More about all this soon. For now, this is a reminder I’m still functioning and some of my new work is on show this week at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea.

I have recently hung lots more new work here at the Wolf at the Door and am happy to show it by appointment to anyone interested.

There is lots more information about all this on my public Facebook Artist page. Do have a look, and ‘like’ the page (if you do like it!) I shall post all the relevant links below in the hope I can get them to show as live links. This was one of the problems that discouraged me from posting on here but I hope this site (and I) will be a lot livelier soon.

Cliftonville gown detail

Cliftonville gown detail

Cliftonville detail (2)

Cliftonville detail