News from The Wolf at the Door

picture and folding book

SLOG 2014

It won’t come as news to many that The Wolf at the Door isn’t opening for the 2014 Brighton and Hove Festival. Four weekends (plus Bank Holidays) of opening the house, thousands (literally) through the door, fourteen or so artists to organise; admin, publicity, hanging, health and safety, cleaning the loo….A year out now and then doesn’t come amiss!

However, as always, you’re welcome to visit The Wolf at the Door by appointment. Just email or give us a ring. During the second half of May there’ll be an exhibition of my work hanging in what’s known in the Wolf household as the SLOG. This isn’t because a lot of work goes on in there – though it does. It’s because we could never work out what to call it and always ended up saying ‘you know – the studio – office – library – gallery’…. The SLOG!

Above you can see a few pages from my Cretan holiday sketchbook – 17 feet of coloured-pencil sketches (and a bit of text) in a concertina book. The house and garden were called Carpe Diem! I hadn’t used coloured pencils since my teens and found it challenging but fun. Hard and easy at the same time. More extracts on here soon. Below it in the photo you is my new piece based on the gorgeous York station.

Meantime, here’s a link to the Wolf at the Door newsletter which has just gone out. (If doesn’t show as live, this’ll be for baffling reasons beyond my control – you’ll have to copy and paste – sorry!) Do read it, forward it and share it with anyone you think might be interested. There’s a ‘subscribe’ button at the bottom: