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Affordable Art Fair, Battersea

Nicholas Bowlby Gallery

Nicholas Bowlby Gallery

2015-03-13 14.31.10
2015-03-13 14.31.16
Affordable Art Fair 2015

I had an interesting if short day in London yesterday. It was mainly to visit the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, to see work, look at galleries and recharge the batteries. Also, I must admit, to visit the gallery where my own work is on show till tomorrow night. (Nicholas Bowlby Gallery, Stand F.11, in case you get there.) Unfortunately in getting my work ready for the show I managed to break a couple of toes – carrying a large picture, I crashed inbto a table.

There’s not much you can do with damaged toes except strap ’em up so I limped round Battersea with some inappropriately summery sandals, the only footgear I could get on. Lots to see as susual – too much to take in – the usual kaleidoscopic mix. It was great to meet Gillian of Mayor’s Parlour Gallery, which recently showed (and sold) a piece of mine. She was presiding over a sparkling neon-light exhibition in the foyer.

Mayor's Parlour Gallery at the AAF

Mayor’s Parlour Gallery at the AAF

First, however, I had the excitement of visiting a childhood friend who’s living in – but will shortly be leaving – the flat, right opposite Battersea Park, which was lived in by the painter Francis Bacon in the 1960S.
Francis Bacon's studio.

Very little has been changed in it since then, although his former studio, where we sat, has been turned into a sitting room. He had the most peaceful view over the trees you can imagine.

April Fool?

mixed media on handmade paper

mixed media on handmade paper

January and February were meant to be quiet. Time to catch up, paint, semi-hibernate. And to update this blog.

Not a bit of it! It’s been punctuated by visits, funerals, travels, reunions, deadlines, decisions, and now a couple of broken toes.

They were broken yesterday in the service of art, while rushing around getting pictures ready for a visit from the gallerist who takes my work to the Affordable and other national Art Fairs. A delightful man, he comes and goes in a whirl so I need to have everything strung, labelled, signed, and ready with all the paperwork and packaging.

I’d only just got back from a trip up north so it was all a bit touch and go. I won’t go into the gruesome details of how I tripped… At least there’s a bit of a breathing space as I now have to do nothing further for the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea next week (12-15 March), at which there will be six new pieces of mine on show with the Nicholas Bowlby Gallery. By the way if you’re an artist you can get in free on the Friday.

My next exhibition will be shared with the wonderful artist Mark Greco. This will be at Pelham House, Lewes, for six weeks from April 1st (hmmm) till May 12th. This is a gorgeous setting and my work will be in the Atrium. There will be mainly local subjects plus abstract paintings. The Private View is on Sunday April 12th – do ask for an invitation.

And meanwhile there is Artists’ Open House (after a year out) here at the Wolf at the Door during the month of May. Pared down, quality not quantity – more news soon. And a very exciting exhibition coming up in Cornwall for six weeks from June – again, more details very soon. And then there’s the Green Tree Gallery in Borde Hill of the lovely gardens: busy times ahead.

Here’s a piece only just finished – not sitting quite right in its frame yet. Whole piece above, details below.

2015-03-04 11.13.01

2015-03-04 11.12.38

detail from Quiet Sea

detail from Quiet Sea