It never rains but it pours…

Night sky in Northumberland

Tree, Starlight

What’s the positive expression of that? It’s always ‘disasters come in threes’. Things do cluster, it’s true, but the good things as well as the bad.

I happen to have a lot of things on at once or overlapping at the moment; life seems over-busy. Much better, though, than the times when there’s not much to get you up in the morning. Busy but bored is the worst!

Private View

Pelham House PV

2015-04-12 16.05.06

2015-04-12 16.05.20

2015-04-12 16.05.43

2015-04-12 16.05.51

2015-04-12 16.06.05

2015-04-12 16.06.19

2015-04-12 16.07.04

At present, I have an exhibition running jointly with wildlife artist and printmaker Mark Greco. It’s at Pelham House, Lewes. The ceilings are high and the rooms spacious; the pictures beautifully hung by the curator, Dan. Private View was on Sunday, almost the first warm sunny day down here – it was a miracle anyone was willing to head indoors for an afternoon do. Thank you all! The show continues till May 12th – plenty of time to go if you find yourself in these parts.

But the overlap with the Brighton Festival – and Artists’ Open Houses – means having separate work available for that. I’ll write more about Open House 2015 at the Wolf at the Door in my next post. In the meantime I’m delivering a painting to the Mall Galleries in London on Saturday for the New English Art Club Open exhibition All being well they’ll hang it but it’s also a good excuse to see some exhibitions before Open House takes over our lives.

The day after Artists Open House ends we are off to Cornwall to deliver some paintings to another exhibition at an exciting new gallery, Terre Verte near Launceton. More of this very soon – a fascinating topic, lovely location and pleasurable excuse for a short break. The downside: a separate lot of work is needed for that, so it can’t really be shown in Brighton meanwhile. All of which means, get your skates on, Jill.

work in progress

Working on ‘Magna Carta’