Artists’ Open House continues

Wolf at the Door, 2015

Wolf at the Door, 2015

My last post may have been misleading. Two more weeks to go of Artists’ Open House. It’s been busy; on the first (long) weekend we had more than 700 visitors. Work is selling well all over the house, and people are enjoying the wonderful cakes and savouries as they sit and (we hope) contemplate the art.

I have just retrieved work from my show at Pelham House and am doing a modest rehang, so if you’ve already been and fancy coming back for a second look there’s new work to see. We won’t be here in person for the third week – we’re going up north by train – I love trains – but will be back for the final long weekend. We finally close our doors at 6pm on Bank Holiday Monday.

Talking of trains, my large painting on handmade paper, Leaving York Again, has been sold and gone off to a new home. So I may have have another go some time at that wonderful curving set of tracks with the vast, magnificent iron and glass canopy.

acrylic and pastel painting

York Station