Last weekend of Open House

A fresh hang with new work for Artists' Open House

A fresh hang with new work for Artists’ Open House

This year’s Open House has been great: just a few of us, more space, more peaceful, easier to see the work. People seem to be loving it, and we have sold a lot of work. I have not only said goodby to Leaving York (see my last post), but also to Leaving Brighton – though that hasn’t been collected yet. Something about stations!

Leaving Brighton

It has to be said that people are enjoying the cakes as well as the art. It’s great to sit out on the terrace and watch Andrew Jones’s kinetic sculptures twirling, rotating or simply poised as the wind stills.

sculpture rotates and changes shape n the wind

Andrew Jones, White Cube

Here are a few more pictures of my own work and the house and garden.

Brighton Glimpses

Brighton&Hove tea-gowns

Bubble sculptures rotating in wind

Sit out at the Wolf!

jewellery in illuminated case