Monthly Archives: March 2017

Art fairs, galleries, preparations, workshop renovation….busy times

I’m managing a March post by the skin of my teeth.  It’s been a busy month. Weather hasn’t been good enough yet for papermaking when I’ve had a day free for it.

the sky in winter

Night Sky, Late Winter

March 8th-12th saw the Battersea Affordable Art Fair.  Three of my paintings went there with the Nicholas Bowlby Gallery,  This one, by far the largest, was sold: Night Sky, Late Winter, mixed media on canvas.  I wonder where this is hanging now?  To my mind  galleries earn every bit of their commission when you know what a lot of work, expense and planning is involved in doing a big London art fair.  The downside, though, is that you don’t know who has bought your work.

art fair stand

Jill’s work at TAF

The following weekend, 17th-19th March,  saw another art fair, the brand-new Talented Art Fair for established artists wanting to sell directly to the public – which addresses my last point.  It takes a lot of effort to prepare, make, frame, string and label your work. And then…pack it, transport it, hang it, label it…and try to sell it.  It was very enjoyable, though: beautifully organised and well publicised, with a really friendly and helpful team.  I chose work with a rather muted palette to hang – my new tree quartet in the middle there.

Near Tower Bridge

Towpath near Tower Bridge


Night view from our air b’n b  










It was buzzing in Spitalfields with markets in full swing and people out enjoying themselves. Then a bus across Tower Bridge and a walk along the towpath to our air b’n’b, near where Dickens placed Fagin’s hideout, and Bill Sykes supposedly met his end in the Thames ooze.


swirly patterns

Blue squiggles

small paintings on board

Offcuts series: little paintings


blue on white

blue squares


small painting

green shape on blue















When I don’t have time to do much else in the studio I nowadays try at least to paint a small something.  At the moment I am using offcuts of thin MDF boards, cut to 15x20cm, to use odd bits of mixed-up paint, try out patterns, make some instinctive marks or do pretty well whatever comes to mind. Or, rather, fingers: I try not to think too much and just enjoy myself.  Overthinking is the devil!

Coming up soon: three major events in May.  Artists’ Open House, for the duration of the Brighton Festival.  The Hampstead Affordable Art Fair (with the Nicholas Bowlby Gallery); and the opening of the Nigel Rose Gallery on the Brighton seafront, under th Arches, where I will be having work on regular display.  Lots and lots to prepare and to share – but more of that in my next bulletin. In the meantime I’ll leave you with a progress picture of our workshop refurbishment:  real progress.  It’s so light!  Come and see us,  and it, in May!

workshop refurbishment

The Workshop – light and bright!