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Gallery opening, papermaking and new prospects.

gallery opening on Brighton beach

Nigel Rose Gallery opens

Gallery opening! Last Saturday saw the official opening of Nigel Rose’s lovely new gallery on the Brighton/Hove seafront.  Nigel first opened his doors in May for Artists’ Open House but access was difficult.  Building works were still in progress and the paving in front of the Arches incomplete.  Now there is a wonderful fibonacci-curve lighting spiral in place, made from columns of the iconic but doomed old West Pier, which you can see in the background.

Lighting spiral by the gallery

restored column

Lighting column

The chic new restaurant Murmur has just moved next door and the area is full of life and interest.  The gallery, as well as featuring local Brighton-based artists, also holds a fascinating collection of artefacts and objects from all over the world. You can spend ages in there just rooting around.  I’m lucky enough to have ten pieces on show there at present, and will be providing new work regularly.

artwork by Jill Tattersall

Jill’s work at the Nigel Rose gallery

By a coincidence we also went to a wonderful wedding right by the gallery; the marriage actually took place  in the i-360, the still controversial ‘doughnut’ which rises into the air and gives beautiful views all round.  It’d be perfect to combine a trip on the i-360, a visit to the gallery and fish soup at Murmur!

vview from the new BA tower

View from the i-360

In other news, my painting Murmuration 2 didn’t make it to the last stage, but many thanks to all the people who took part in the vote for the National Open Art Competition. I’m in good company, but it’s always disappointing.

new art sea-view with starlings

Murmuration 2

Never mind, there’s someone keen to buy it – once you tie up work in competitions and exhibitions it can often put them out of play for months.

I came back from holidays in France with a mysterious muscular complaint, having beem lashed by vicious cold mistral gales then roasted alive in temperatures of up to 42 degrees. This has rather limited my movements and I’m really behind with my papermaking.  But at last I’ve made a start, though I’m now running out of the high-quality cotton  fibresI use to make my larger-scale pieces.  As usual the cat has been getting in on the act.  How to stop her? I really don’t know.

The cat is on my new paper

Cat on new paper

I’ve been asked to show work again in the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea by the Nicholas Bowlby Gallery, always an honour,  in early October.  Not so far ahead now; I have another large Night Sky nearly ready.  I sold one of these at each of the last two AAFs, each one very different in detail, but there is a continuing fascination with gazing up into that dark sky.  Here’s a picture of one of the pieces in the early stages.

Painting in progress

Early stages in making the painting

Very excitingly, I am doing an art fair in York at the end of October. This is the wonderfully-organised Art&, which looks like being an excellent event.  I’ll post more about it shortly – lots to organise and decide. We nearly moved to York instead of Brighton, and visit regularly, so it will almost feel like home.

York Art Fair


So now – it’s back to work.  Lots of it!