Exhibitions and Artists’ Open House

Flux exhibition, April 2018

Flux Exhibition, Chelsea College of Arts

I appear to have skipped a month or three. It never rains but it pours.  Since Seascapes and Waterways  at Burgh House, Hampstead in February/March,  it’s been non-stop busy with exhibitions and preparations – not all watery.

visitor at Flux exhibition

Unexpected visitor at Flux Exhibition

In April I took part in the wonderful Flux Exhibition at Chelsea College of Arts. A burst of colour and enjoyment and art, with meticulous organisation by the inspirational Lisa Gray and some surprise guests!

Jill's paintings at seafront gallery, Hove

New work at the Nigel Rose Gallery

Nine of my paintings, several brand new, then went off to the Nigel Rose Gallery on the Brighton/Hove seafront as part of the new-season Artists’ Open House show.  A wonderful spot right opposite the West Pier in Brighton/Hove, with the acclaimed new Murmur restaurant right next door. Also the i-360 if you fancy a ride.

collage in blues/greens

‘Alternative Worlds’. collage, Jill Tattersall

The largest of these. ‘Alternative Worlds’,   will soon be going to a new home in Belsize Park (where I had singing lessons long ago with the elderly ‘Prof’ who once taught Kathleen Ferrier!).

Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch

Jill at Espacio Gallery

In early May, first,  the Perspectives exhibition at the lovely Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch (London). Short but sweet.  I always appreciate it so much when a show is well organised and beautifully hung and presented.  Another artist kindly took this shot of me there – a nice memory. I usually forget to take photos.

Garden at Wolf at the Door

Open garden, open house

At the same time, and continuing till next Monday, the total onslaught of Artists’ Open House is in progress here at the Wolf at the Door, Hove.  It  takes over your life, your house, your kitchen…and your mind, for a whole month or more.

paintings with dark blues

Blue corner

The weather has been kind and we’ve had a lot of visitors – delightful as ever.  We always seem to have some fascinating coincidences and conversations. I aim to achieve a calm, bright, uncluttered atmosphere so we can all relax and take our time in the house and garden.  People are hugely appreciative, which makes it all worthwhile.

Garden Room, Wolf at the Door

Mel Allen and Penny May in the Garden Room

Just in case you’re within reach of Brighton/Hove (we’re a couple of minutes away from Hove Station) now is the time to visit.  11-6, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.   This will be our last Open House here if our plans to move northwards succeed. More of this soon.

Wolf at the Door details

Wolf at the Door flyer

Some of the recent paintings  shown in this blog are now sold.  It always feels strange when pieces I haven’t lived with for long go to a new home.  Which is why I ask buyers to be kind and send me a photo of my painting in its new surroundings.  In this way it has an afterlife in my own mind, rather than disappearing without trace.  (If you sell via a gallery, rather than directly, you rarely know where your work has gone.)

picture of Much Ado bookshop

Jill’s ‘Evolution in Blue’ at Much Ado Books

Finally, if you’re anywhere near the Sussex village of Alfriston (maybe for the Charleston Festival?) don’t forget to call in at my favourite bookshop, Much Ado Books. Cate and Nash have done a total refurb full of surprises and riotous colour.  The main bookshop is now in the old stables.  The old bookshop has been converted to house Prospero’s Project, ‘where we celebrate all things bookish’ and to support their Social Enterprise aims.  Exhibitions, workshops, events, signings….  Their new show includes seldom-seen original art by Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell and other members of the Bloomsbury Group plus some special and rare books by and about the group, some of which you can buy.  I’m honoured to have a painting there in residence!

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