Artists’ Support Pledge

Thank you to artist Matthew Burrows, @matthewburrowsstudio, for initiating the @artistsupportpledge which has blossomed in recent months.  It is even mentioned in the current Art Fund booklet! The deal is this: artists offer work at a special price, and in any case at no more than £200, plus p&p. When they reach sales of £1000 in this way, they will spend £200 in turn on other artists’ work. There has also been another initiative associated with Artists’ Open House/Studio, @openwindows2020 which has promoted artist sales via window displays

Till now I have not sold work directly through my website. The world has changed…. I am in the process of setting up a separate buyer’s page complete with payment facilities. 

In the meantime, here are some small pieces, most recent, some slightly older, which I am offering at lower prices than usual via Artists’ Support Pledge.  Some use reclaimed elements, others my own handmade paper.  I’ve tried to photograph them in a natural way, so you get an idea of size and scale.
Most are framed, some are not. These are nearly all small, light pieces which are easy and inexpensive to send. If you are interested, please contact me via my email address:


Potential Worlds

‘Potential Worlds’, mixed media with collage on khadi paper, 32×22 cm, ready to frame, mounted on 3mm board. £120.

Paints, silver and gold inks and pigments plus Chinese New Year ‘gold’ money. At one level this is just an abstract patterned collage. But recently I’ve been much taken up, via my night skies, with the idea of other worlds, habitable, inhabited, or not. Science keeps expanding the size of the universe, adding not only planets and constellations but galaxies – and whatever’s beyond. This little piece is playing with the idea of trying out new worlds for size and placing.
So when you look at this you are effectively putting yourself into the position of the creator of the Universe! Or of a new one… .#


Marriage a la Mode

Marriage à la Mode, special price £70+postage. Mixed media with silver leaf, 13×20 cm.
Warning: probably not an ideal wedding present!

Made to celebrate the 200th birthday of Anne Bronte in Scarborough on a piece of my own handmade paper with collage, using words from a (supplied) page from the novel The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. It buzzes with loaded words about relationships. I’ve imagined these words swirling around and flying off into the distance in the form of a murmuration over the atmospheric cliffs of Scarborough, loved by Anne who was buried there.


The Love of Three Oranges

‘The Love of Three Oranges’, 31×53 cm: mixed media with reclaimed elements. Special price £120+p&p.

Something a bit different. A colourful collage of found materials and painted papers on reclaimed wood, from my ‘Waste Not’ series.
Unframed; could be framed or hung as it is on velcro tabs. Something to brighten a dark corner. Easy to post; if anything falls off, just stick it on again! Joke – there’s always a small risk sending artwork by post but this is pretty robust and very light.


Abstract Leaves

‘Abstract Leaves 39x58cm, £200 +p&p.  From my ‘Waste Not’ series – entirely made with recycled materials.  

A series begun long ago before recycling and avoidance of waste became, if not yet routine, a matter of urgency and public interest. The materials may cost nothing but there is a deceptive amount of work! Handbuilt frame.


Other Worlds

 ‘Other Worlds’, 25cm sq: £65 +p&p.  A tiny but colourful mixed media piece.  It’s set in a deeper IKEA frame so gives a slightly 3D ( and I hope mysterious) effect.



‘Wildfire’. 42x30x2cm. £140  Mixed media on birch panel: paints, dyes and pigments with gold leaf.

Inspired by the fires which raged and spread like – well, like wildfire, not long ago and are still doing in some places – how the focus of disaster has changed.


Seascape, Sunshine

Seascape, Sunshine 18x33x6cm: £120+p&p: reclaimed cedar block with just a touch of silver leaf.

An abstract and very simple seascape, one of my personal favourites.


Kiwi Leaves

‘Kiwi Leaves’, Framed size (no glass) 57x47cm. £200+p&p. mixed media.

Paints, pigments and a touch of gold leaf on hand-cast paper. The paper pulp was laid when wet on some pressed kiwi leaves and retains an impression of them.


Glimpses, Black

‘Glimpses, Black, mixed media collage framed, glazed, 37×69 cm. £160 + p&p

The collaged elements are all hand- painted or printed, except for some enlarged snippets from a wonderful 13th-century book, the sketchbook of Villard de Honnecourt, a journeyman/proto-architect. Drawings, plans, diagrams and sketches; church buildings and floors, animals, men, even toys – a medieval Leonardo.



‘Phases’, 30x30cm mixed media with paints, inks, pigments and dyes plus silver leaf.

One of a quartet of night sky paintings on 1’ square birch panels (see below).


Big Bang

‘Big Bang’ (otherwise ‘Hic in Infinitum’). Mixed media with metal leaf on birch panel, 12 square (30 cm). Special price : £100 +p&p.

Part of a series of night sky paintings on lovely birch panels by Seawhites of Brighton. History, astronomy, and the unfailing fascination of looking at the sky. Where do we come from? Where are we going? Current events leave us thinking more deeply about the big questions of life.


Orange and Grey Collage

Orange and Grey Collage Framed, £100  A recent piece using my own handmade paper and reclaimed elements, part of my ‘Waste Not’ series. The symbols used here are among the earliest known in cave art, one of my passions.


Across the Valley

‘Across The Valley’,  46x56cm: £200+p&p. Mixed media with wax on cradled birch panel.

The smaller of two paintings of the Wilmington Giant (the larger painting is called ‘Lady of the Downs’). This figure is to me quite clearly a woman! A beautiful and dramatic landscape; I have used soft colours to offset the bold lines of the hillside and the chalk figure.


Sans Prix

‘Sans Prix’, 35x67x2cm £200+ p&p – priceless/worthless?

The value, in art as, basically, everything, is what you are prepared to pay.  The materials are almost worthless. The piece was moulded in handmade paper on the marks left when some aged Formica was pulled off an ancient kitchen unit. There is a recycled metal frame in the centre. I used natural pigments as well as paints to build up the rusty colours and there’s a touch of precious gold leaf. The frame is a bit warped, please note, because it’s  recycled and all part of the vibe of the piece.



Here are just a few pieces recently sold via Artists’ Support Pledge or Art in the Window/OpenWindow. If you particularly like any, let me know; I may have something similar available. But all are originals and one-offs.

Remembered Murmuration 18x17cm

Camera Obscura, 18x23x6cm
Night Lights’ 32x44cm

Orange Sun 30x30cm

Hazy Sun, 30×30 cm

Total Eclipse, 30×30 cm

World on Fire
Alternative Worlds, 65×54 cm
In the Night Garden 65×86 cm