The Way We Live Now: Leisure Pursuits

The Way, Leisure
This is my best shot at a suitable ‘Sunday’ topic. There doesn’t seem to have been much leisure activity going on, or maybe the text has all faded away? Or I thought life too grim for leisure!

There’s been a bit of resurgence in free activities: the weekend papers usually flag up all manner of interesting local activities and events, often free. The dominance of the big Festivals seems to be fading; they can’t sell their (expensive) tickets.

We don’t hear so much about over-the-top kids’ birthday parties with designer party bags either. (Are they still happening, but people don’t brag about them? Or is it back to a lollipop and a pencil? I really don’t know!) What about lavish stag and hen parties? Gym membership? Paintballing? Trips to Ibiza?

My impression is that all these things mushroomed after 2003 and seemed part of the fabric of life for many, but have dwindled rapidly of late. What will my 2011 update include? Free music downloads, allotments, Facebook events… even rioting?