Too much going on at once. Suffice it to say that building works are nowhere near complete here and we are holding our Private View for Artists’ Open House in one month minus one day. Open House lasts for the entire month of May and is part of the Brighton and Hove Festival. Some links below.

I have an art-related event today, showing some botanically-related work at a friend’s book launch: the brilliant Allotment Diaries by Kay Sexton. In June the Affordable Art Fair follows on directly in Hampstead, plus a season-long show in the new garden Room at Sussex Prairies to which I’ve given the jocular title of Plants, Fruits Shoots and Leaves – an attempt to avoid the rather worthy-but-dull image of botanical art. Not that mine really aspires to that title; it’s more a celebration of favourite plants than faithful reproduction.

Above are some new pieces practically ready for framing: medlar, aubergine and quince.